Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

017 Stop Rushing Me!

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Skip & Ali give props to their fans, and people who have done nice things for them. They address listener questions, then they go over what they’ve been up to lately, including their appearance on the Anthony Cumia Show podcast, Fox and Friends Radio with Brian Kilmeade and then they invited him to come back for an appearance the week after on Fox and Friends on the Fox News channel. Alice Cooper was performing in concert on the show that day, too, and they got to meet him and talk for a while. Alice is a Catch A Contractor fan and kept making funny references to Skip about it every time they passed each other back stage and in the hallway. Later that morning, they shopped down 5th Avenue and looked at all the stores they couldn’t shop in. They bring up the new website they are developing, and what people can look forward to seeing on it. Skip has a What the Fuck! situation with Pep Boys. Alison then rants (what a surprise!) about a car wash. Finally, they discuss a cool fan experience that someone had while up in Monterey with Adam Carolla while he was there for the annual races.