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072 In The WInd

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With the weather warming up, they Bedells have been enjoying the convertible and motorcycle, Skip reminds the bikers to take care of certain things to ensure the safest ride, and they recount the time they went down on the bike when going around a slippery corner.  Alison reminds the listeners to subscribe to the podcast so they can ensure they will get every episode, since iTunes has been very unreliable in putting newer episodes into the iTunes store.  Ali also suggests a “Tip Tuesday” to feature Skip’s Tips and more of a DIY segment on those days.  Alison noticed some gross videos on Twitter, with some freaks of nature.  Skip found some cool tech apps for your renovations.  Presidential candidates come up, and their different campaign styles.  Alison makes the best meatloaf ever, check out the recipe on the website HammerAndNailsPodcast.com.  Skip gives some DIY tip follow up, and Alison recalls some funny stories from urine testing at work.

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