Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

075 Black Light Horror

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The Bedells remind everyone to check out HammerAndNailsPodcast.com to listen to new and older episodes.  They discuss Home Advisor and Angie’s List, and Skip talks about a former contractor friend who is now working with Home Advisor.  They discuss their opinions about those sites from a consumer and a service provider point of view.   Alison recounts her experience with an unlicensed contractor, before she met Skip.  Its Tip Tuesday, and Skip has a lot of questions from listeners.  He talks about sticking doors, hanging things with metal studs in the wall, pouring long driveways, rebuilding the entrance to a standing shower, cleaning concrete, torn window screens, removing weeds with Round Up, cutting in a pet door hole, and quieting noisy upstairs showers.  Skip gives insulation installation tips, as well as screw tips.  Alison has a Random Thought about a corpse and old, fancy furniture. They finish discussing things you can find with a UV light.

Talked about: Stink Finder light, Metal Stud finder that finds wood and electrical too