Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

076 Looper, Lies & Videotape

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Skip and Alison talk about a garbage television gossip website that makes sensationalized videos that are based upon no factual information or research, and one included Skip and Adam and Catch a Contractor, and lawsuit that had been filed against the show years ago.  The Bedells go into detail to refute the slanderous lies that this crappy website made in their video, and how these sites try to get viewers by being no better than a grocery store rag like the Enquirer.  Alison schools Skip about Mr. Skin, and the shocking emails she has gotten.  A former tv host hit on Alison on Facebook, and a wannabe celebrity hit on Skip, find out who!  The Bedells discuss the latest anti-Trump commercial.  Rosie O’Donnell’s assemblyman brother made a huge fool of himself when voting to legalize MMA in New York.  The Bedells answer listener questions about dead grass, tension poles and Alison’s famous oatmeal recipe.

Talked About: Tension Rods , Plastic Barrier with zipper , Steel cut oatmeal, Instant oats, Old fashioned oats, milled flax seed, chia seeds, golden raisins, almond meal