Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

077 The Talent

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Alison tells Skip that she has her former partner at work coming onto the next episode to talk about their work stories from back in the day.  Emily Morse, of the Sex With Emily podcast sent Alison a present that she reviews.  The Bedells ordered an amazing range hood from CopperHoods.com, that is like a huge piece of art in the kitchen.  They have also started getting the kitchen and bathroom pieces from Moen.  There’s been a lot of interest in getting Alison onto other shows, which she is entertaining.  The Bedells then talk about their experience working on a show for the first time, being treated special after being just regular people.  It’s Tip Tuesday and Skip answers questions about cutting moulding, moldy bathrooms, low basement ceilings, old wiring with no ground, wobbly toilet, flashing on the roof, and glue vs epoxy.  Alison gives a preview to her next interview.  Skip recommends a couple of cool products, and then Alison has a Random Thought.

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