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080 Don’t Kill The Cow

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The Bedells remind everyone to listen to the podcast episodes at HammerAndNailsPodcast.com.  They talk about what Alison’s been finding on Amazon.  Skip had a sheetrock mishap.  Alison recalls a funny story while filming Catch A Contractor, with a lot of potential for embarrassment.  Skip also had really funny story from when they filmed the pilot episode.  There’s an air freshener commercial that really irritates the Bedells.  Skip discovers new food labels.  There is a domesticated cow that Alison is trying to save from slaughter, please help convince the owner if you can!  Skip gives an electrical tip, and then they announce an interview they are planning with musical guests.  Have you ever had an experience when you had to hide? Ali shares and asks listeners to write in.

Brand spanking new episode!

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