Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

087 Iced Coffee Hold The Ice

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The Bedells talk about Skips recent appearance on FOX & Friends morning show, and the multiple celebs they ran into there.  They recorded their roof install this past weekend, and Alison was the director from hell.  They discuss current events including the new “€œgap year”€, Starbucks lawsuit and Game of Thrones.  Skip gives a tip about powerwashing.  Alison gives advice about what to put in your garden to keep the pests away, and also gives her top 5 garden tips.  Finally, Alison talks about a new jewelry venture, and has a Random Thoughts, or does she?

Talked about: Pressure Washer concentrate, Pressure washer extension hose, 4000 Telescoping wand, gutter cleaner attachment, pressure washer quick connect kit, pressure regulator, 6-in-1 spray nozzle, Born Blast II