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092 We’re Expecting, Kind Of

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The Bedells talk about Skip’€™s appearance today on FOX & Friends, and then revisit the miracle surgery they spoke of in the last episode.  What makes a food item the best€?  They recall occasions and places where they haven’t fit in, and come with an idea to trick the haters.  Skip gives an update on the renovation and some of the products they are using.  They discuss fans who became friends, and Alison tries to figure out where to socialize with new friends. The Bedells answer some listener questions, and remind you to go to HammerAndNailsPodcast.com and see the episode summaries for links to the products they talk about and please use their Amazon banner.

Talked about: EGO mower, EGO trimmer, EGO blower, EGO chainsaw, EGO hedge trimmerLoreal Shampoo, Loreal Conditioner