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113 Thats A Mean Cat You’ve Got

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The Bedells are back at Joe Cumia’s studio again, and Joe served up some Jameson, and things got a bit cray cray all throughout.  The Bedells contemplate taking a cruise, after a suggestion by a Carolla fan, and Joe suggests they all go together.  The Bedells had a series of fails while trying to move forward on the renovation this past weekend.  Alison lost it on Skip in the grocery store? who was right and who was wrong?  Do you know some expressions that you don’t know the origin of?  Are they offensive?  Do you feel that you have an equal chance as anyone else to get a job that you are qualified for?  It’s Tip Tuesday and the Bedells answer question about AC ventilation, high end body products and natural vs chemical bug repellant.

Talked about: Products just like LUSH brand!