Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

118 When Are You Due?

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Alison finally got approved for life insurance, and Skip better be careful because his big mouth is holding up his policy!  Skip talks about his abbreviated FOX appearance, and Alison gave him a reality check.  Skip’s getting a sty, and they recall a story when filming Catch A Contractor and Skip’s face was all messed up.  Alison had to be the bad guy again.  They discuss the difficulty of rejection in the entertainment industry.  Skip got a really scary call from the IRS!  They try to resolve the issue on the air.  Alison found the greatest shopping secret while shopping with Skip’s pregnant sister. Skip let something slip that Alison didn’t want to know about.  He just couldn’t keep it to himself. Finally, Alison found her idol on a NY subway train and Skip develops a new psychology therapy.