Hammer and Nails Episode Guide


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The Bedells are back after a hiatus and they are with Joe Cumia again.  They’ve been incredibly busy with new show creation and home renovation, and have finally gotten a much needed break from the stress.  The gang is sipping Jameson, but Alison needs an interesting chaser.  Ali is growing sweet potatoes, and gives a tip to get em started.  This leads to memories of Joe’s childhood? growing things.  Milo is becoming a seasoned biker, and Skip thinks he’s British.  They catch up on free tv, and cool shows they’ve discovered.  Alison has a good tip to hide toilet evidence, but Joe out does it.  Grampa Joe has invented another puppetry of his body parts.  There’s some odd toilets the world, that Alison found while toilet shopping online.  Skip answers some listener questions, and Alison has some Random Thoughts.