About Skip Bedell

Skip Bedell
is a licensed Home Improvement Contractor and television personality. His love for building began at a very early age as he learned carpentry skills from his grandfather and father, both master craftsman who had built some of Long Island’s earliest homes. In addition, the family lived on a marina they owned, Bedell’s Boat Yard, and Skip grew up watching his grandfather build everything from boats to furniture in the wood shop, and thus began his affinity for hand tools and the smell of fresh saw dust. Skip soon learned to build as a teenage apprentice and began working on hundreds of homes. It was these earliest jobs where he acquired his vast knowledge of the trades, working under master carpenters, licensed electricians, plumbers and masons.

During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Skip worked in all aspects of home renovation while attending college, where Skip Bedellhe studied business, and eventually pursued a career in financial planning in the mid 1990’s. However, his love for construction kept calling to him. He put down the pencil and picked up a hammer, returning to construction in the late 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, he obtained his license to be a Home Improvement Contractor, and began running his own business. It wasn’t long before his company had multiple crews working on homes; old and new, large and small.

Skip’s knowledgeable and friendly persona landed him roles in local television commercials for building products, e-learning modules, and a Home Depot holiday gift segment on NBC’s Today Show.  Most recently, he is the co-host of Catch A Contractor, which recently completed it’s 3rd season on Spike, along with his wife Alison and Adam Carolla.  You can also find him regularly giving DIY tips and product advice on the FOX News Network’s morning show, FOX & Friends.

Skip continues to run his own home improvement business, Big Dog Building and Remodeling, Inc., specializing in all aspects of interior and exterior home remodeling. He particularly finds pleasure in building things where he can express his creative edge and make things from raw materials into things of beauty. He finds nothing more rewarding than being able to complete a homeowner’s dream and transform the unsightly into a work of art.

A New York native, Skip lives on Long Island with his wife, Alison, and their cats and dogs. When not working on other people’s homes, he enjoys renovating the home he shares with Alison, and spending time in the gym. Skip has also been an avid biker for over 30 years, and enjoys long, scenic rides on his Harley.