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Hammer and Nails is a twice-weekly collaboration with husband & wife team, Skip & Alison Bedell, who also co-host Spike TV’s Catch A Contractor with Adam Carolla. Known for making everyone sick with how in love they are, the couple routinely discusses several topics including a behind-the-scenes look at CAC episodes, things that make them shout “What the F*ck?!”, current events, answering viewer/listener questions, hysterical banter about what’s happenin’ in their lives, “Skip’s Tips” and Alison’s latest obsession (and how you can benefit from it). Shows will either be produced and in-studio with engineer Joe Cumia, or “On The Road (OTR)”: a raw, mostly unedited podcast with the Bedells while they are away from home, that’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out sitting right there with them.