Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

026 Life Lessons

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The Bedells are recording from the home studio, “At The Ranch”. They are starting to use Periscope more and invite the listeners to sign up so they can all connect. Skip goes into all of the behind the scenes prep that’s involved in preparing for his upcoming appearance again on Fox And Friends morning show. They remind the listeners that their website, HammerAndNailsPodcast.com has a contact page to communicate with them, as well as episode summaries, pictures, Amazon links and a podcast player. Alison talks about listening to the Sex With Emily podcast, and how very explicit it gets, as well as great tips Emily gives for a healthy sex life. Alison’s extended family doesn’t watch Catch A Contractor, and she talks about how people don’t behave the way she would expect them to. Would you buy dirty underwear on eBay? Skip gives a drippy faucet tip. Finally, they get really personal and Skip offers some really profound advice from his own life experiences, and the valuable wisdom his dad imparted on him.