Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

037 U Dished It, Now Take It

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Skip opens talking about his FOX and Friends DIY segment he did the day prior, giving money saving winterizing tips. Alison talks about all of the preparation involved in doing a segment and the anxiety Skip gets over trying to fit everything in. The Bedells then went to lunch with a friend, and the bill was wrong, and Alison gets uncomfortable. Alison discovers an internet troll who wrote mean-spirited comments online, and reveals what she discovered about him through a simple Google search. It soon becomes obvious why he is such an angry person. Kilo had a medical emergency that required surgery, and Alison was a wreck. Joe had a similar story, that really grosses the Bedells out. Alison talks about her obsession with the FoodSaver vacuum sealing bags. Holiday leftovers can now live in your fridge for years and stay fresh! The Bedells answer listener questions, including moist basements, satisfying your partner without getting it in return, and faking it.