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039 Get Your Pee Off My Floor

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The Bedells prepare to go to California again, and are unprepared because they spent too much time at a friend’s house. Alison has a bunch of WTF moments, including fancy bathroom towels, piss drips and fast food drive thru. The holidays are coming up, and paper or real plates is up for debate. Skip recalls a Thanksgiving story from when he was little, and Alison falls asleep. They take listener questions, including getting rid of cat pee on wood floors and sheetrock, wet linoleum floors, weight loss, & then Alison gives a few hair styling product tips. Remember to visit HammerAndNailsPodcast.com for the links to products they talk about and pics!

Talked about:
Loreal Evercreme Leave In Conditioner, Loreal Intense Smooth, Loreal heat Protection spray, bathroom disposable paper towels

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