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041 Linty Cat

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The Bedells are at the ranch, where Alison has a newfound energy for cooking and cleaning because of her new supplements, and Skip has been out of commission the last couple of days because of heavy lifting at work. They both have a history of back pain and talk about what you can do to relieve some pain: (moist heat, lumbar ice , tens unit, lumbar support belt). Alison interviewed a robber who had a number of mishaps while trying to learn what works. Alison was mortified that her friend listened to an episode that she spoke about her in. This leads to a hygiene conversation that offers some really good tips for new relationships. Alison has a new obsession for making the house smell good and gives a recommendation for an amazing product that is affordable and that works: 10 hours of vapor aroma diffuser – and 7 hours of vapor aroma diffuser. They discuss the worst gifts they have ever received, and read some listener input on that topic as well. The Bedells also remind everyone that they have a Holiday wish list with links to products on their website, HammerAndNailsPodcast.com, under the “Alison” tab. Finally, Skip gives a crown moulding tip (compound miter saw).