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063 Post Super Bowl Pod

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The Bedells record after the Super Bowl, and review the halftime show. Demo has finally begun at the Bedell house, what a mess. Alison wonders why they get so many likes on Facebook for some things, and almost no comments on others that she thinks are really good posts. Skip talks about some products that people have been asking him about for home security, including things to keep intruders out of your home. Check our their episode summary on HammerAndNailsPodcast.com to get links! Did you ever try to recline on a plane, and it didn’t work? There may be a reason… Alison brings up some news stories that made her nuts… some of which include the justice system that continues to disappoint. Skip gives some tips about insulation, drilling into masonry, and primer. Finally, Alison has some Random Thoughts.

Talked about:
Ring, Prime Line Door Stop, The Door Club