Hammer and Nails Episode Guide

066 A Lot of Bad Etiquette

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Skip and Alison are back from Milwaukee, and talk about the weekend at the home show. The saw a “little house”, and discuss what it’s like to be in one of them, and a creative idea that Ali came up with for the demo house she saw. Try to avoid LaGuardia airport, because there’s a slew of problems taking a flight out of there. Delta flight attendants also posed a challenge on this trip, as well. They discuss carpool karaoke, and recent news stories. Skip gives some tips about a garage floor, drafty windows, load bearing beams and replacing shower pans. Finally, Alison has some random thoughts about armpits, Celino and Barnes, voting and slow moving large vehicles.


Talked about:  Crackweld, Doxy, Fast Patch DPR